Microgravity Services

Charon can carry more payload higher than any available commercial sub orbital rocket. With multiple 15 cubic foot bays, Pluto Aerospace can fly your critical research higher faster and longer. Our plug and play launch vehicle can save precious years of development time and getting your research or product first to market.

Hypersonic Testing

Critical to our national security, Pluto Aerospace will be able to conduct of hypersonic mission profiles with recurring costs under $5M per flight. Launching hypersonic glide vehicles, materials and propulsion systems testing are all within our scope. For specific information on our capabilities for hypersonic testing please contact Pluto Aerospace.

Ready for Liftoff?

We are accepting flight reservations for our flights starting in 2023. Please contact Pluto Aerospace to discuss how we can help you realize you flight payload projects and goals with our reusable deep throttle liquid propellant system and custom tailored flight profile launch vehicle. We look forward to discussing your needs and how we can assist your successful mission completion.

Contact us at (765) 476-0969 or hello@plutoaerospace.com

(765) 476-0969